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Looking for a Qualified Martial Arts Instructor?

The Martial Arts Registry will help you locate a quality martial arts instructor in your area. We also provide independent verification of black belt rank. Using our "Find a School" search engine you can:
  • locate Certified Black Belts from many different martial arts styles

  • check out instructor belt ranking (for Certified Black Belts)

  • find out who the certifying body is, and

  • refine your search by area or style

Affiliate Schools, Member Schools, & Certified Schools

The Martial Arts Registry provides several levels of memberships and listings:
  • Affiliate Schools enjoy a free listing in the search engine

  • Member Schools pay a small annual fee and 1) receive a priority bold listing in the search engine; 2) are allowed to enter additional information or notes; and 3) receive our quarterly newsletter, The Talon

  • Certified Schools are Member Schools with at least one Certified Black Belt associated with it. Certified Schools receive the highest visibility in the search engine.

The Certification Process

When a black belt applies for certification, The Martial Arts Registry verifies that the black belt holds his specified belt rank with an associated certifying body. This authentication process requires the black belt to submit a copy of his belt rank certificate. If the black belt's belt rank certificate is valid with the certifying body, The Martial Arts Registry issues a Certified Black Belt certificate.


The Martial Arts Registry does not verify that the black belt possesses any particular skill level. The Martial Arts Registry does not verify that the Certified Black Belt is in any way suited for or trained to provide instruction in any martial art. Only the associated certifying body conveys any meaning associated with a particular belt rank. All martial arts are inherently dangerous and the student assumes all risk of injury in participating therein.


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